Performative sculpture is a definition of the sculpture objects created by Maria Kulikovska. The artist investigates different modifiable sculpture materials in the long-term process of her working. In this section are presented the sculpture objects prone to transform and change, which were made from ephemeral, often non-traditional sculpture materials, such as soap, fat, silicone, salt, sugar, caramel, concrete, cast iron, resin, and different organic minerals.
Kulikovska's sculpture objects are the exact clone copies of her full body or certain parts of it. All casts are made by Oleh Vinnichenko, who has started to cooperate with Maria Kulikovska since 2017. Oleh Vinnichenko is an architect-engineer and a chief technologist of all sculpture projects of MKOV Studio.
The casts of the artist's body are frequently transformed into architectural construction, which are made from various, initially non-traditional sculpture materials too. The sculpture objects created by MKOV Studio have a performative character: they are transformed and modified, they are deconstructed and they grow old. Some of the performative sculptures might be completely destroyed. And some of the performative sculptures become a full participant of Kulikovska's performances and body actions.
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