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Kyiv, Ukraine


Plaster cast of the artist's face. The sculpture is lost forever.


«Icone» is a plaster sculpture-mold of Maria Kulikovska's face, which was created during the artist's performance. The public space as an unprotected, specific-dangerous territory became, for the artist, a field for experimentation with her own body. Therefore, the idea of the performance, in which the artist shaped «herself» in public space, came into being. A technology of creation of plaster mold was not observed: Maria Kulikovska is stuck in sculptural form. The burgeoning sense of live burial scared her and she tore off almost solidified plaster together with her hair.

«Icone» was lost forever. After the performance, the sculpture was stored at the studio of the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Kyiv and was thrown together with other Kulikovska's artworks.

Creation of casts of the body is the artistic act of Maria Kulikovska's manifestation and protest. A social position of a woman in patriarchal conditions, bias against woman, especially woman-artist, became the deciding factors for the creation of the series of sculptures-casts woman-artist body. Maria Kulikovska participates in feminist and queer discourses, actively engages in dialogue with society, create platform for discussion and debate the ignored conflicts.

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