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Date & Location

2014 – 2019

Donetsk – Kyiv, Ukraine


Series of sculpture-casts of the hands and feet from ballistic soap.


«Scars» is a series of sculpture-casts of the hands and feet of Maria Kulikovska from ballistic soap. For the first time, the sculptures were shown at the Polish-Ukrainian group exhibition «What Do I have from a Woman?» at the Visual Culture Research Center in Kyiv. The basis of the exhibition became the questions of physicality, gender roles, attitude to the woman's job. The questions about the woman's position, woman's body in a patriarchy, self-identity as a woman, artist, sculptor are an cross-cutting theme of Kulikovska's creativity. Artistic fragmentation of the body to the parties became for the artist the visualization of the search process of her own identity. «Scars» were also exhibited within the framework of the project «Through Maidan and Beyond» and at the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid in spring 2019. Some pieces from the sculptural series «Scars» hit private collections in Hongkong, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Ukraine, Austria, England.

Hands and Feet from "Scars" series. Author's technique, ballistic soap, 2014-2019
Hands and Feet from "Scars" series. Author's technique, ballistic soap, 2014-2019
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The part of the sculpture from the series was created during summer of 2014 after Maria Kulikovska found out about the shooting of her sculptures in the territory of the Izolyatsia Art Centre in Donetsk. After that the artist had to leave her hometown and move to Sweden. There she bought 300 kilograms of ballistic soap and started to create many sculptures-figures as copies of her own body or some part of it. Filling the space by figures from ballistic soap or epoxy resin became the metaphorical artistic method of the Crimean artist defining her own physical being, despite any social-political position of emigrant, immigrant, displaced person etc. Moreover, these sculptures became some kind of reminder that she exists and she's alive.

«Scars» became the prototype for the new sculptural series by Maria Kulikovska initiated in 2018 – «Hands and Feet of Colors», but which was cast from epoxy resin.

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