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Green Figure

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Hungary / Hong-Kong


Full-sized sculpture cast from epoxy resin. Now the figure is in the collection of Q Contemporary Collection, Hungary / Double Q Gallery, Hong-Kong.


The sculpture is a continuation of Maria Kulikovska's experiments with sculpture casts of her own body. The investigation of the interaction of various materials (soap, wax, chocolate) with the environment is important to the artist's practice. The performative sculptures of Kulikovska are transformed, mutated, decorated, and destroyed by natural and human factors, by the ravages of time. The sculptures are made of temporary materials, therefore they become a fixation of the changes that occur in the physical human body after death.

Maria Kulikovska marks her presence in different parts of the world with the sculptures. In January 2019, a full-size green epoxy resin sculpture became part of the permanent collection of the Q Contemporary art space in Budapest, Hungary.

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