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Drops and Scars

Date & Location

September, 2010

Kyiv, Ukraine


Series of plaster molds of the artist's face.


«Drops and Scars» is a series of plaster fragments-molds of Maria Kulikovska's face. The sculptures are the last of the sculptural series «Army of Clones», which was created in 2010.

A lot of sculptural fragments-copies of Maria Kulikovska's body parts were left after the creation of «Army of Clones». The artist painted them in flesh color and temporarily distributed these sculptural fragments all over town. This act became the method of marking the artist's body in the city. The work with public space was consonant with the traditions of street art, although the period of installation of art objects was shorter, and the base of it had a more performative nature.

«Drops and Scars» is a continuation of the artist's subconscious protest of a woman's position in patriarchal conditions and also the protest of a misleading about the absence of professional women-artists. It was the time when Maria Kulikovska began learning feminism discourse by art. Fragmenting of herself into pieces conformed to the then artist's experience, learning environment, feelings of alienate, destructive relationship. The artist's sculptural practice became an attempt to ask and answer the questions, which were disturbed her. It was an attempt to oppose objectification. At the time the woman's position, communities rights and isolated groups of people were not articulated in the society. Therefore, Maria Kulikovska had seen the need for illustrating these problems and conflicts in her creativity.

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