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3 Soap Figures in the park of Cidade da Cultura de Galicia

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Cultural complex in Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Triptych of the casts from ballistic soap with the addition of blood, sperm, and plant juice, specially for the first ever exhibition in the park of Cidade da Cultura de Galicia – a cultural complex in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2018.


This sculpture triptych was created specially for the exhibition, which was held from March to October 2018 in the park of the largest center of art and culture in Galicia — Cidade da Cultura. A curator of this exhibition was Antia Cea, who conducted a long search for artists from Eastern Europe actively involved in feminist discourse. Antia met Maria Kulikovska in 2017 at the Liverpool Biennale, where the Ukrainian artist presented the project-proposal to install her «Little Mermaid» on the shore of the Seacombe of the town of Wallasey, England. The curator invited Kulikovska to take part in the art project in Santiago de Compostela. Thus Maria Kulikovska became the first female artist from Ukraine and the first artist ever, who represented artworks in the park of Cidade da Cultura de Galicia.

Kulikovska's performative sculptures from the park combine the fragility of human nature reflected in the used material together with the theme of individual and collective boundaries. Antia Cea explains: «Focusing on this conceptual background, Maria Kulikovska presents the triptych: three soap sculptures with addition of natural pigments: plant juice, sperm and blood materials. These sculptures are transformed, adapted to circumstances, destroyed. They, as partisans hidden in nature, as passive resistance, which can be seen from the pedestrian path. They do not attack, they do not go halfway. They fight only gravity to stay put, reflecting their position against conflict, slowly breaking down to remind of the unpredictability of life».

Santiago de Compostela is one of the wettest cities in Spain, and in all weather conditions the park has always had a lot of dew. Such weather conditions considerably affected the original appearance of Kulikovska's sculptures.

After the end of the exhibition in the park of cultural complex Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, the sculptures were shipped from Spanish to Ukraine, where they were used as a part of the Kulikovska's performance specially for the film «The Forgotten» by Daria Onyshchenko.

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