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«Hands and Feet of Colors» from epoxy resin were created as a continuation of Maria Kulikovska's «Scars» sculpture series, in which the hands and feet of the artist were made from ballistic soap. The five sculptures from the series «Hands and Feet of Colors» have become statuettes-awards of the Women in Arts Award initiated by UN Women and the Ukrainian Institute as a part of the HeForShe solidarity movement. For the first time, these sculptures were shown in the window of the «Vsi.Svoi» Ukrainian design shop in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The sculpture series «Hands and Feet of Colors» was created for 2018-2019. Some sculptures from this series were cast in summer 2014 after Maria Kulikovska found out about the shooting of her works in the territory of the Izolyatsia Art Centre.

«The questions of patriarchal organization of the society and gender inequality became key in the creation of sculptural hands that are daily «wear off» under the influence of female routine housework by default. After the completion of the series «Scars» Maria Kulikovska addressed the theme of equality in a broader context. The sculpture world of Kulikovska is a place where all genders, skin color, orientation and self-expression are accepted and positively recognized. It is a world where scars inflicted through physical or moral domination, discrimination, social pressure, war or hundreds of other causes are not stigma, but memory and beauty».

Green Hands I from the "Hands and Feet of Colors" series, epoxy resin, 20 × 8 × 8 сm, 2018–2019
Green Hands I from the "Hands and Feet of Colors" series, epoxy resin, 20 × 8 × 8 сm, 2018–2019
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Invisible body, invisible injury,
Invisible work of women, the invisible world of colors,
Unknown planet of flowers, unknown peace...

Oh, freedom and acceptance!
Oh, fantastic world of equality, where the injury does not exist
And every scar on my skin has healed and polished!

I want to change my skin at any moment, at any time,
Continuously and endlessly.
Change its color, its structure,
Choose by my own how it should be and look like.

The scars on my free body will no longer be a sign of violence
And of the pain from the past,
And it will no longer be a sign of a second-class body or “other”

It will be a privilege, it will be a beauty, it will be a memory
It will be a history, it will be a struggle, it will be freedom.
Oh, where are you freedom and love? I am, I alive, I will always be!

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