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In this section are presented the paintings and drawings, sketches and silkscreen prints by Maria Kulikovska. Her artworks are characterized by seriality and they often engage in dialogue with other art projects of artist, especially sculptures and performances.

Maria Kulikovska's method of work with every new project (from performance to video) is based on transferring her mind and ideas on the paper first. These sketches by pencil or watercolor sketches, in time, can grow into long-term and integrated artistic projects.

The watercolors by Maria Kulikovska are the performative paintings. On the one hand, the artist's sketches become the basis for creating her performances.
On the other side, the characters painted by Kulikovska are also alive and performative, they migrate from one painting to the other, from one series to the other series. At the same time, they always are in a state of mutation and transformation. This process of full or semi-full modification of image is really important for Kulikovska's series of paintings or drawings: depicting the body, she modifies it in the following artwork.

The leitmotif of Kulikovska's creativity is a research of a body and the boundaries of it. The body is the permanent character of watercolors and sketches by Maria Kulikovska, and the mutation of the body translates the process of confrontation or dependence on any type of restrictions and borders.
Moreover, Maria Kulikovska always uses different untraditional paper for her paintings, for example the medical or juridical blanks, or the old paper for architectural sketches from the Soviet period. These papers have clearly defined boundaries, rubber stamps, which can't be breached. This rubber stamp is a restriction dissuasive accommodation of the objects on the page. The artist tries to destroy these boundaries and to build the composition despite the structure of specific paper, especially if it is misused, but which the artist fills with new values.
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