Maria Kulikovska received a degree of master of architecture, Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv (2007–2013). In 2011, her architectural project of the center of contemporary art in Kyiv – Shcherbenko Art Centre – won and was built according to Maria's project. Since then, Kulikovska has continued the architectural activity outside of Ukraine – in China and Switzerland.
After the Revolution of Destiny and the annexation of Crimean Peninsula by Russian Federation – after the loss of the homeland, getting internal traumas – Maria decided to move away from architectural practice and move on to creation of the performative experiments with her own body and fixation in the sculptural form. Maria Kulikovska's first education as an architect has led to an integrated approach to work with sculpture. The artist always considered the architecture as a shell, membrane, body of the space, public body, society body, social body, which had led a human existence. The base of the working with the body Maria Kulikovska always concentrated around working with the space.
In 2020, Maria Kulikovska together with Оleh Vinnichenko officially registered their experimental studio that is working with the creation of the performative sculptures and developing an intellectual, philosophical. And, what is more important, really affordable architecture, living spaces, interiors, goods of design and different types of minor furniture.
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