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LessLess. Body as Mannequin


LessLess is a clothing brand that was founded in Los Angeles by Ukrainian couple Alya and Tim Gonta. The inspiration of the brand's design is art and cinema, and the main philosophy is founded in respect for ecology, using the ecologically pure products, natural fabrics, and recycled materials.

LessLess's ideology coincided with Maria Kulikovska's beliefs and principles. This collaboration between MKOV.studio and the brand of home textile became the way of sharing experiences, human values, best practices, and the expression of sisterhood for both sides. The sculptural white bust from wax and pink bust from ballistic soap with adding of blood and also the sculptures-casts of Kulikovska's foot from the series «Scars» were used during the ad shooting.

Collaborations of Maria Kulikovska directly with the fashion industry representatives began in 2017, when the artist integrated her sculptures with the designers' clothing in the Kyiv's store Vsi.Svoi for the first time. Since then the works, created by MKOV.studio, have the opportunities to re-transform their artistic role to the practice role – as mannequins, at the same time not losing their «conflict?» autobiographical meanings and complicated engineered metaphors.

I want a beautiful dress,
I want a beautiful skin,
I want more and more beauty,
Less and less fake!
I want a different color of my body,
But it does not change.
It's still scary to be different, free,
Without a dress code, but I want to.
Will I risk losing my job, respect, position,
Economic stability if I choose less and less?
Is it really ugly to wear a simple,
Comfortable robe?
I want freedom, I want to choose
That is convenient for me,
Because it is so beautiful

– Maria Kulikovska

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