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Based on the True Story №1

Date & Location

Konsthall-C, Stockholm, Sweden


Performance was shown at the group exhibition.


«Based on the True Story» is a thematic continuation of the long-term project-performance «Lustration», in which Maria Kulikovska highlights the problem of patriarchal domination and invisible women labour in the context of the questions of self-identification, of the body and its borders through the flushing of her sculpture-copy, through the lustration of herself.

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This performance was shown at the group exhibition at Konsthall-C, where the community laundry is still active (Stockholm, Sweden). During the studies at University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Maria Kulikovska created performative installation and made the performance as an alternative of the coursework.

«Based on the True Story» was a public flushing of the sculpture's face and body. The people who'd come to wash their clothes were automatically participating in Kulikovska's performance. In this performance was used the sculpture from epoxy resin, in contrast to the project «Lustration», in which Maria Kulikovska used the soap sculptures. A question came in accordance with the material of choice, epoxy resin, - «Is it possible «to wash» identity?» To wash the face from epoxy resin is impossible to do, but to clear it - yes.

One of the most important issues of Kulikovska's performances is a reflection on conflict that goes on in the territory of Ukraine. The artist identifies and records the conflicts in the art form. These conflicts are related with the position of women-artists during the war and in patriarchy society. A lot of Kulikovska's sculptures, that were exhibited at the Izolyatsia Art Centre in Donetsk, were shooted by a group of pro-Russian terrorists. And the Crimean artist was placed on the list of banned artists in Russia. Kulikovska's native city - Kerch - is under the authority of Russia too. Losing the home and categorisation into «us, them and others» have transformed into the new themes of artist's creativity, among them the theme of borders and boundaries. They are a leitmotif of Maria Kulikovska's creativity, and the main method and medium is the artist's body. She always uses and works with it, thereby appealing to the collective body.

Coincidentally, the performance «Based on the True Story» was held in the area that had been receiving many immigrants. In turn, Sweden is an antipode of war conflict, a country often taking the shelter for different national identities and refugees all over the world.

In this performance was used the epoxy bust of the exploded sculpture and the sculptures from the series «Scars». During the performance were shown the video represented the shot of soap figures by Maria Kulikovska specially for the Ukrainian-Swiss film «The Forgotten» by Ukrainian director Daria Onyshchenko, in which Kulikovska played an episodic role as a pro-Russian journalist of the LPR.

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