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TCNJ Art Gallery, Art & Interactive Multimedia Building The College of New Jersey, U.S., February 7 – March 7, 2024


An exhibition of Ukrainian artists. Curated by Dylan Siegel.


TCNJ Art Gallery is pleased to present TWO YEARS GONE, a group exhibition of Ukrainian artists, curated by Dylan Siegel. The artists in the exhibition, including Maya Hayuk, Maria Kulikovska, Katerina Ganchak, Sasha Kurmaz, and Anton Varga, work in a range of media including watercolor, photography, and installation, and their work reflects upon the psychological and physical stress of the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is now approaching the two-year mark.

In conjunction with this exhibition, the TCNJ Art Gallery is planning a series of lectures and roundtable discussions around the issues raised by this exhibition, including the ways in which artists generate dialogue and awareness in a time of conflict, and the role of museums, art historians, libraries, and archives in the preservation of cultural and historical heritage in conflict zones around the world. A keynote lecture will feature Dr. José Luis Falconi, Professor of Art and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut, who will speak on the relationship between esthetics and ethics, and the importance of artistic interventions for societal change and in the advancement of human rights.

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