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The Saga About Pregnant Me And About My Pregnant Husband

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Kyiv, Ukraine


The series of watercolor paintings on the medical reports and ultrasound pictures issued on Maria Kulikovska's pregnancy.


«The saga about pregnant me and about my pregnant husband» was painted on the medical reports and ultrasound pictures issued on Maria Kulikovska's pregnancy. The watercolors from this series were made by Ukrainian-Crimean artist specially for Vogue's project during spring of 2021 and were presented at the Futurespective exhibition for the first time.

Maria Kulikovska's hard and happy state during her pregnancy got expressive shape of colorful watercolor lines. The main characters of watercolor series is Kulikovska's own body, its pain, modifying, changing, transforming, queer condition and awareness of the new status as a pregnant woman and future mother. A permanent presence of flowers inside/outside/from/behind/everywhere/any-where/between watercolor parts of artist's body is a continuation of artist's work with hortus concludes iconography tradition. The series of watercolors, created special for Vogue UA art project is a continuation of Kulikovska's watercolors, which are painted on the A4 blanks and documents, received from different bureaucracy offices and a continuation of series that was made on the A3 format size forms for forensic medical examination, started both by artist in 2020 and which are still continuing.

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"Queer; hybrid; non-binary; feminist; free; in exile; politically engaged; in search of identity, breaking down and rebuilding themselves, boundaries, and control; principled; independent; seeking their own place in the world; having hero parents, ready to give up everything and even more for the future..."

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