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Stockholm, Sweden


8 watercolor paintings on the paper for architectural sketches from the Soviet period. Created at Studio of Konstfack.


«Mother» is a watercolors series as a visualization of Maria Kulikovska's thinking of her body as a shell for carrying the future life. The artist's reflections on motherhood, which were born on paper for architectural drawings, received bright-painful watercolor forms. The mutation of flowers like a woman's state during pregnancy is excited and defenceless, terrifying and patient, fragile. These watercolors were an artist's attempt to understand and try to get under future mother skin. Maria Kulikovska tried to understand and predict what motherhood was, how her body has been able to carry another body inside her, and how her consciousness of herself and her own body would change. Moreover, the «Mother» is an attempt to visually delineate the artist's relationship with her own mother.

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