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Watercolors on the Paper, Received from Migration Offices

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Was started in 2020 year and is still continuing


The series of more than 130 watercolor paintings on the paper, received from migration offices.


The series of more than 130 watercolor paintings on the A4 format size papers, received by artist from different migration and bureaucracy offices, was started by Maria Kulikovska in 2020 year and is still continuing. These conflict drawings are the artist's own metaphorical answers to all borders in the world, and Maria will paint her «answers» that long, as borders will exist:

«The human body becomes political, even without its consent, — Kulikovska explains. — At least, the record that I was born, raised, and lived in the Crimea is now very politicized. And it's been going on since spring 2014. And every time the regular questions — «Who am I? Where am I from?» — are the most difficult and provocative issues. Despite the fact that I have always represented Ukraine and radically defended its interests at the international level, and inside my country I felt abandoned and unprotected. Very often, I faced rejection for my queerness and bisexuality…».

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