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Module of Temporality

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The first opening of the MOT took place on February 17 at Square of Contracts in Kyiv, Ukraine


Module of Temporality (MOT) is the largest international art project of the year in Ukraine. It is a temporary cultural space by don't Take Fake, created with an international team, and an eponymous exhibition of contemporary art with 28 artists from 10 countries curated by Fabrice Bousteau. After that, the project traveled around Ukraine and worked in Dnipro, Lutsk and Lviv, where it completed the Ukrainian part of the tour.


Temporarily occupied regions, temporarily separated families, the status of temporary protection and, in the end, a temporary war. The temporality of everything around us gives us the push to move. After all, any temporality has its end, and after it — a new vector for actions.

Therefore, we do not wait for the "right moment" to come, but continue to do what we love — culture. For more than ten years, the don't Take Fake team has been implementing global cultural and sports projects in Ukraine. And now we have also decided to create, because creation itself is a powerful signal to the world at a time when, for many months, our country is experiencing the greatest destruction since the World War II because of the Russian attacks. That is why we are building even now, when conditions are extremely unfavorable for this.

"Module of Temporality" (MOT) is a space in which our team combined the efforts of architects, engineers, artists, designers and local brands. At a time when art is forced to be hidden from looting and explosions, we decided to open an object in Kyiv, unique in its form and its content, which will be accessible to everyone. This is the other reason to make people around the world talk about Ukraine even more in the context of modern art, architecture and design.

All our team's own projects — don't Take Fake, DTF Conference, Double Triple Fest, DTF Magazine, work to present Ukrainians and foreigners on the same platform. We make them to give people an additional opportunity to get to know each other and to create together, to influence each other and to be inspired by each other examples. For us, Ukraine is a part of global culture. Therefore, MOT project is not one country or even one continent.

MOT is one of the reasons to talk now about culture in Ukraine, and not only in the context of the war. This is a reason to emphasize its strengths and strengthen what has already been developed over the years. Therefore, we remain true to ourselves and go towards our goals, raising the bar only higher. Despite the war, we united more than a hundred people who work not according to classical rules, not in the usual terms, in order to implement the plan. Because we don't want to postpone for better times.


One of the goals of the MOT is to help in the restoration of art institutions that suffered from Russia's military aggression in Ukraine. Therefore, the space forms its own fund, which is filled from the sale of tickets, goods in collaboration with Ukrainian brands and artists in the gift store, as well as a limited edition of the printed magazine DTF Magazine. At the end of the exhibition part, an auction will be held, the entire profit from which will also fill the fund.

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