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(I am not) Sensitive Content

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Online. 6th July


This online exhibition, curated by Kateryna Pidhaina from Kyiv, brings together a number of artists – including queer ones – from Ukraine, who approach these questions in drawings, sculptures, watercolors or photos. Pride, Cultural Department of the City of Munich. Organized by: Munich Kyiv Queer, Munich


Body, identity – for a long time now, our societies have been struggling with these issues, and all too often the result is fear and rejection of all that is different.

Queer censorship?

The project is specifically dedicated to queer identity in art, in real life as well as in social media. We wonder:

1) Why do artists choose to address LGBTIQ* issues in their works?

2) What are they confronted with when they work with it?

3) What role does queer art play in society?

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