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Holy Blue & Yellow

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Group exhibition at the Supermarket Independent Art Fair 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden


Curated by Maria Kulikovska and Natasha Nagaewska with support of Oleh Vinnichenko, Vadym Axeev, Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, and School of Political Performance.


The genocide, aggression, terrorism, russism, war again Ukraine that were started by russia on February 24, 2022, have changed the world. «Holy Blue & Yellow» exhibition project will be a space-shelter for the art pieces from «conflict» by artists, who are still in Ukraine and the one's that are refugees. These artworks have special mission: they're continuing of a discussion about migration, borders, war, role, and place of woman in it, role and place of artist and art in conflict reality, all attendants geopolitical, sociocultural and gender issues.

Yes, «Holy Blue & Yellow» is a meeting place, a dinner party for artists with different backgrounds, traumas, experiences, working with different media and in different visual aesthetic. But they all are talking about the same things – they all united by a similar attitude to new modernity and the place of art in it. Our artists and their art need a safe place for freedom of speech and without any borders. We invite all to our queer-feminist box as a shelter for contemporary art from «conflict» – «Holy Blue & Yellow».

All proceeds from art pieces sales will be distributed among artists and the rest will be donated for the continuation of the gallery-shelter's working in exile and for the humanitarian response for families from Chernihiv city in northern Ukraine and Mariupol – a huge city in the south of Ukraine, which is totally devastated by bombardment russian murders and where is a humanitarian disaster occurs.

Artists: Svitlana Biedarieva, Julia Bielaeva, Daria Bilak, Dasha Chechushkova, Borys Kashapov, Kinderseele, Olga Krykun, Maria Kulikovska + Eva Kulikovska-Vinnichenko, MKOV Studio [Maria Kulikovska + Oleh Vinnichenko], Daria Sankova, Kateryna Seheda, Marina Svyrydova

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