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Vienna, Austria, November 10–27


Group exhibition at Albertina Modern Museum. Set of Maria Kulikovska watercolors on the Paper, Received from Migration Offices series, was presented during the exhibition at Ausstellung, Künstlerhaus, Factory. Curated by Yana Barinova Curatorial assistance: Lina Barinova Stage Design: Lina Barinova, Oresta Skop


The exhibition of Ukrainian artists is dedicated to the irresistible will to live, even under tragic circumstances. The title of the exhibition symbolizes contrasting meanings: war and peace, life and death, and biophilia as the passionate love of life and of all that is alive as defined by Erich Fromm.

Art, video, and installation images demonstrate the overwhelming humanism of Ukrainians, and their ability to remain humane in the midst of anger and hatred. It shows the ability of people to stand up amidst bombs and sirens, in the realities of war, and to fight for the good with a willingness to sacrifice. This exhibition aims at cordocentrism, the philosophy of the heart. The perception of such tragic events takes on a soul of deep emotions and feelings. It is the love for family, friends, and beloved ones, for our land and homes, for animals and plants, and for art, that keeps us moving forward. Great love for every moment of life.

The objectives of the exposition are to reflect on the emotional truth behind the war through artistic expressions and to evoke a desire to contribute to peace in Ukraine, Europe, as well as in the world.

It is about the will to live.

— Press release

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