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Based on True Stories

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Organized by ART COLLECTION TELEKOM Contemporary Art from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe within Vienna Contemporary.


Maria Kulikovska's performance, in which she washes the feet of the curator and everyone else. Curators: Nathalie Hoyos, Rainald Schumacher and Margret Fischer.


"From the observational standpoint, primarily women participated in the project, sitting across from me. As I took their feet in my hands, despite any initial discomfort, they all supported the process, attempting to assist me. One young woman, after having her feet washed, knelt in front of me, so that we looked into each other's eyes. Another expressed gratitude in Ukrainian, even though it was not her native language.

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In instances where men participated, which happened quite rarely, they would extend their legs, fully relaxing. Physically, holding a man's foot proved challenging; dealing with both the weight and the dimensions of their feet was physically demanding. Nevertheless, I am grateful to all the men who took part.

I believe that women, both subconsciously and consciously, showed solidarity with me during the project. It was a highly unusual experience! Sincere thanks to everyone who exhibited courage and participated in the foot washing project." – Maria comments.

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