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In June 2018, at the High School of Media and Design in Vienna was shown the solo exhibition of Maria Kulikovska as a continuation of the story about the Displaced Parliament of the Displaced.«A big room. Long rows of desks. Walls with print-articles of criminal code. Fines, detentions, punishments. A military with a weapon in his hand. There's books on the desks. Next to me, what is strange and even symbolic - «Trumps of Doom». I'll never forget this interrogation room».

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On 9 August 2016, Maria Kulikovska and people that wish to join her performance started to go in the Dnipro River on the «The Raft CrimeA» that August 25 - on the Independence Day of Ukraine - to cross the invisible water borders of the EU, to get metaphorically across them, and to continue their journey on the rivers of Europe. But, at down on August 25, in Vylkove, Ukraine, the «The Raft CrimeA» was stopped by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The performance ended prematurely, and the artist together with her companions ended up in the interrogation room. «The Raft CrimeA», which was first thought to be a spy or, even, an act of terror, was released back home. Unfortunately, the raft couldn't cross the invisible Ukrainian-Rumunian borders and make the artistic gesture of metaphorical escape/rescue.

Maria Kulikovska brought to Kyiv a rough experience with border service, a physical weariness, a lot of warm emotion from people, who met at the time of her not easy Odyssey. She was also brought many items-memories, items-reflections, the items, which were gifted by different people as a sign of solidarity and support for the Displaced Parliament of the Displaced - «The Raft CrimeA». All of these artefacts became full-fledged objects at the exhibition «The Raft CrimeA: Trumps of Doom», which was held in Vienna in 2018.

The floor of the exhibition space was filled by gold folia and sand - a symbolic-physical symbol of the trip. The bright spots on this map became the reflecting jacket, yellow raincoat and the main character of Kulikovska's displacing - exhausted raft, which was the meeting place for the young exhibit visitors.

The exhibition «The Raft CrimeA: Trumps of Doom» was a story about travel to the unknown, a story about secrets and discoveries, a story about fate and human kindness. It was a story dedicated to the great courage of all migrants and settlers, who are moving forward to embark upon a new life. This story was dedicated to everyone having an open heart and is ready to care about others.

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