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The Fog of War

Date & Location

Goethe Center Baku, Baku, Azerbaijan. October 13 - November 13


During the exhibition, Maria's Kulikovska performance 254.Act of Solidarity was reproduced by activists and volunteers. Curator Alfons Hug


"The project brings together artists from the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as from Germany in an exhibition that allows very subjective approaches to the tragedy of war. It is less about documentary reports than about insights into the human condition itself, i.e. about the "treasure of souls that was extorted from so many" as Andreas Gryphius laments in his sonnet Tears of the Fatherland in the middle of the Thirty Years' War.

They may even succeed in the symbolic space of art in "waking up the dead and assembling what has been shattered," as Walter Benjamin calls out to the angel in Paul Klee's drawing Angelus Novus .

As a cultural institute, we do not want to leave the interpretation of what is happening to politicians, generals and journalists alone, but rather expose it to the incorruptible gaze of art in the hope that the fog of war may lift a little".

— Press release

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The show was presented in Azerbaijan, Baku and Tiflis, and Almaty.
And Maria's 254. Act of Solidarity performance was reproduced by activists in those cities.

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