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T-shirts with prints of watercolors from the series "888"

Date & Location

Kyiv, Ukraine


The limited printing of the paintings from the series "888" on the T-shirts.


The name of the series is associated with the symbolism of the number "8", which constantly surrounds from the artist's birth in year 1988 [9+1=0, 9-1=8], as well as numerology her name and mythology, which constantly is in the present in the life of the artist since 18 March of 2014 (the date, when Maria became a registered "displaced person").​

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By the way, the moment you put on your body the T-shirt with the artist's painting, you simultaneously become a conditional "Alive Gallery". And over time, when you'll be tired of wearing this art object on your body, you can put it on a glass subframe and exhibit it as one of Kulikovska's works in your collection or in your own space.Each art object in the form of T-shirt with a limited print of Maria Kulikovska's paintings is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity with a wet seal of Garage33.Gallery-Shelter.

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