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Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories

Date & Location

Netherlands / Germany, 2023 - 2024


Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Art from Ukraine is the first survey of contemporary art from Ukraine in the Netherlands. Complemented by key pieces from the country's historical avant-garde, this exhibition tells the story of Ukraine's cultural identity, against the backdrop of the country's tension between freedom and oppression, in paintings, drawings, videos, installations, performances, sculpture, sound work, photography and textiles.


The Albertinum is dedicating a comprehensive survey exhibition to modern Ukrainian art. It is the first of its kind in Germany and Europe. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, video works, graphic art and archives represent Ukrainian art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Maria Kulikovska sculpture "Soap Figure with Flowers" (2019), from Odesa Fine Arts Museum collection took a part at the exhibition.

In her art, Maria Kulikovska deals with the theme of corporeality: with the body as a means of exploring her own identity and as an instrument for making political statements. "Model with Flowers", formed from the artist's body, was cast from ballistic gelatin – a material used for testing firearms. In the gelatin the artist puts flowers that shine through the semi-transparent substance. Frozen in eternal beauty, they are reminiscent of vanitas still lifes and draw attention to the fragility of existence as well as to the vulnerability of human beings.

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Part II

Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Art from Ukraine

October 14, 2023 – January 28, 2024
Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle
Blijmarkt 20, 8011 NE Zwolle, Netherlands

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Part I

Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Ukrainian Art 1912–2023

May 6 – September 10
Albertinum SDK Museum
Dresden, Germany, 2023