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«Homo Bulla - Human as Soap Bubble. Replica» is a replica of a triptych created in 2012 for the exhibition «Gender» at Izolyatsia Art Centre. The new figures were shown at Saatchi Gallery in London in 2015, where Maria Kulikovska held a performance «Happy Birthday», in which one of the sculptures was smashed with a hammer. This green sculpture has got many scars and gashes. The performance's holding became the personal answer of the artist to events that have happened in the territory of the Izolyatsia Art Centre. In 2014, Kulikovska's sculptures from the series «Homo Bulla - Human as Soap Bubble» and «Army of Clones» were used as targets for shooting by pro-Russian militants in Donetsk, Ukraine.

After the «9th of May» exhibition in London and the solo exhibition at Królikarnia Palace in Warsaw later, the sculptural triptych «Homo Bulla - Human as Soap Bubble. Replica» was acquired in the art collection of Deutsche Telekom. All three damaged soap figures-copies of Kulikovska's body were installed in the main office of Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn.

«For 10 years I've been creating about 50 sculptural self-portraits. But not all survived, – Maria Kulikovska explains. – They are very difficult to store and transport. Although the sculptures are heavy, they're very fragile. My figures-clones are breaking down, changing color, responding to the environment, temperature, density, and humidity — just like a human body».

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