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Blood and Pressure

Date & Location

Ugly Duck Art Center, London, England


Performance by Maria Kulikovska in collaboration with artist Mila Dolman.


«Blood and Pressure» was made by Maria Kulikovska in collaboration with Russian-British artist Mila Dolman at Ugly Duck Art Center in London in 2017.

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Ever since the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula into Russia in 2014, both artists have worked with overall themes: in their collaborations they reflected about the common and difference in the counties and cultures, and they also have tried to record the borderline of the roles of conflict. «Blood and Pressure» is a peculiarly loud dialogue between people, who stand on opposite sides of the war conflict, but have a similar internal conflict of the social position of human, woman, woman-artist in it. Throwing at each other the pieces of blood meat, Maria Kulikovska and Mila Dolman would act as attackers and victims at the same time.

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