Перформативна скульптура

Зоряний пил, 2019

Метафорична модель Керченського півострова в 125 кв м, на якому розташовані 5 фігур-зліпків з тіла художниці, відлитих з різних типів ґрунту та мінералів, склад яких максимально наближений до ґрунтового складу Керченського півострова [наразі втраченої батьківщини художниці]. Проект створений спеціально для виставки "Дивовижні Історії Криму" в Мистецькому Арсеналі до 5-ї річниці анексії Криму / Київ, UA

Відсилки до інших проектів
Performative Sculpture 'Stardust' was created during January-February 2019 as a symbolic "celebrating"of 5th year of annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.
5 years since Maria was last time at home with her family...
This huge installation is own interpretation of the map of the Kerch Peninsula (125 sqm of the peninsula model). Created by author's technique.
5 figures-molds from the artist's body where created by the same materials as soil of the landscape of the installation: metal, wood, various types of soil, minerals, different types of cement, stone dust, sand, chamotte, various types of granite dust, natural stone pigments, iron oxides, sea salt and special supplements.
The video was created by scanning photos and recreating the gradations of sky colors over the Kerch Peninsula at different times of the day. Photos used from the personal archive of the artist.

"I am the first of my family, who was physically born in Crimea. But, like everyone else, almost the entire population of Kerch, Crimea is the migrants, the heroes who created civilizations on a very special Land throughout its many thousands of years of history. Therefore, this project is about People and Land. People who turn into land~landscape and land turns into people.

Therefore, all the sculptures are created from the same material as the landscape – the model of the Kerch Peninsula. All of us, people of the planet Earth, are StarDusts. And all We are humans, created by the migration of the remains of stars, can we, ordinary dust particles, build boundaries between each other, hate each other, disrespect each other, start wars and kill each other?

Crimea is a unique land, where the greatest multitude of different cultures and nationalities are gathered, it is full of different colors of people and cultures, it is part of, the continuation of the same multicultural and multinational Ukraine".

Special thanks to the whole team of the exhibition Amazing Stories of Crimea for their help and faith in the project, separately to Yulia Vaganova, Olesia Ostrovska-Lyuta, Anna Pohribna, Sergey Diptan and to the whole Mystetskyi Arsenal.
– Mama, what is there beyond the horizon, where the water ends? Is there the Edge of the World?
– No, my dear, there is no Edge of the World.
– There the water runs out and then there is Nothing?
– No, there begins another, big water.
– So what is next?
– And then begins big oceans and big lands of fabulous countries and states.
– What is there, from the side where the endless scorched steppe, and at night the cicadas are pouring their ringing trill and crickets light the way to a lonely wanderer along the sandy path strewn with shards and remains of past civilizations; where the waves of salty blue water wash the purple-yellow shores and the sultry heat of noon is replaced by the coolness of the night, spreading in the lunar path of light beckoning and disappearing beyond the horizon of unseen land? What is there?
– There this steppe passes into the steppe of another, Our, but bigger Earth, and further merges with the Greatest Earth, the one where your grandmother was born, where I was born, where you once will go to try your luck.
– We are all alone here... They, there – on the Greatest Earth – know that we are here?
– All We are only a mirage, wandering stardust
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