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My Beautiful. Wife? 2014
Series of over 60 watercolors and ink-drawings, painted during 2 nights in spring 2014, don't remember exact time and dates, straight after phone-call of my papa, some days after returned from the wedding in Malmo, somewhere in Kyiv

* * *

– War is here, it's started, do you understand? Tanks and unknown people are everywhere! We can not sleep – all the time heavy flights are on our sky.
Yesterday your mama wanted to protect one guy, but they destroyed his passport, and took him with them somewhere, we don't know anything about him any more. They hit your mama, when she asked them who they are?
– Who they are?
– You know who they are...
– Can I come?
– No, they asked about you, you know they do not like people like you, now you are married with J-G...., it is not possible here.
– What will happened to me if I will return?
– You will disappear.