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Тіло як манекен: У вітринах VSI.SVOI, 2017
Серії «Руки кольорів» та «Carpe Diem» встановили у вікнах головного магазину моди українського дизайну VSI.SVOI (Усі наші)
* * *
Invisible body,
Invisible injury,
Invisible work of women,
Invisible world of colors,
Unknown planet of flowers,
Unknown peace...
Oh, freedom and acceptance!
Oh, fantastic world of equality, where injury does not exist and every scar on my skin has healed and polished!
I want to change my skin at any moment, at any time, constantly, continuously and endlessly, its color, its structure, choose how it should be and look like. The scars on my free body will no longer be a sign of violence and pain from the past, and it will no longer be a sign of a second-class body or "other", it will be a privilege, it will be a beauty, it will be a memory, it will be a history, it will be a struggle, it will be a freedom.
Oh, where are you freedom and love?
I am, I alive, I will always be!
* * *
I want a beautiful dress,
I want a beautiful skin,
I want more and more beauty,
Less and less fake!
I want a different color of my body,
But it does not change.
It's still scary to be different, free,
Without a dress code, but I want.
Will I risk losing my job,
Respect, position,
Economic stability
if I choose less and less?
Is it really ugly to wear a simple,
Comfortable robe?
I want freedom,
I want to choose that is convenient for me,
Because it is so beautiful.