The Raft CrimeA: Trumps of Doom. Part 8, 2018

High School of Media and Design, Відень, Австрія червень 2018 року


The "Raft CrimeA" is both, an artwork and a real political proposal. Water routes have always defined the development of states. Thousands of people, who are deprived of their homes, seeking for better life, safety, or simply a possibility of survival, are moving today on boats and rafts to the shores, where no one is neither waiting for them, nor wants to see them. The vast population of the new republic, which is not marked on the map, is drifting on the waves: the phantom republic of migrants. Anyone can become its citizen one day. The «CrimeA» life raft will become its embassy, a displaced parliament for all of those who are devoid of place and political representation. On August 16 to 19 the migrating «Crimea» will appear in Kyiv for a while: amidst luxurious restaurants and yachts a life raft with a neon signboard will float off from the quay of Dnipro in Kyiv. The artist Maria Kulikovska, a citizen of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, presently a «displaced person», will stay on the raft. Maria will live there without any resources, only supported by Kyiv residents. Making her survival dependent on other people's contributions, Maria highlights the vulnerability of those who had lost their homes, and calls for solidarity with them. The raft «Crimea» will become a live spot on the map, marking a meeting point. With its inhabitant on board, the raft is welcoming all the displaced people, who need help, to come and voice their problems and needs. Everyone who is ready to help or to listen are also welcome. This place is destined to become a platform for discussing the urgent problems of the displaced and searching collectively for solutions. On Friday, August 19 at 10.00 Maria and those, who would like to join her on board, will start drifting down the Dnipro river on the «Crimea» raft, in order to cross on August 24 the EU border, and to continue their journey on the rivers of Europe. The raft will moor at harbors of different cities, marking every time by its presence a place for a new meeting, to convoke local gatherings of migrants and the displaced.
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