Swimming in Freedom, 2018

Watercolors with women's, men's, queer's, trans, mutant's, "different's" bodies through which artist reflects on the status of the body in contemporary society / Kyiv, UA

In the exposition of the new project, as in the previous ones (in particular, the "Icon", "Army of clones", "Homo Bulla", "Pandora" "Memento Mori", "Capre Diem", "Soap Figures") the artist creates casts and images of his own body. - creates "own clones", thereby trying to understand themselves as "other". As a result of such "stratifications of consciousness" there arises, on the one hand, the opportunity to look at ourselves from the side, and on the other hand, the confusion, conflict in the artist's self-consciousness, which is associated with the constant loss and search for the identity of man in the modern world.

In the "Movement of Freedom" the artist presents for the first time also male bodies. "This is again me or a woman with honors, transformations in her husband", explains the artist. This is a frame lubrication, transformation, and invisible changes that are inevitable, but not yet articulated. The artist also reflects on the traditional role of women in art. More often than not, it was a model written by a male artist. Working with the male body, the artist proposes to the husband and wife other, non-typical roles for them. But Maria is a woman and writes to a woman, even if it is through the body of her husband, and thus captures her own freedom. If sculptures absorb voluminous problem points and states of the artist and his worldview, then watercolors are separate layers of mood and condition.

"It is very important that in my works there is always a political aspect. Because being a woman I write to myself women, dancing, flying, torn, broken, inclined, but these are all signs of either past or future struggle, "commented Maria Kulikovskaya.
In recent years, Maria Kulikovskaya, without exaggeration, has become one of the most interesting artists in Ukraine. She participated in many projects, mostly working on anthropological conceptualism.
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