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Six soap busts created specially for the Paris Couture Fashion Week and one a full-length epoxy statue with bones and flowers from the sculptural series Carpe Diem (2018) that were used instead of mannequins for the Ruslan Baginskiy debut couture collection of hats.

Performative talk with Maria Kulikovska on June 26, 19:00, at HAU2 foyer and her exhibition with sculptures and videos as part of the festival "The Present Is Not Enough — Performing Queer Histories and Futures"

Cast of the artist body in epoxy resin

6 soap casts of the artist body in life performance for an Ukrainian and Swiss film "Forgotten"

[series of casts of artist's hands in epoxy resin, created together with ULEG, 2018~2019]

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Collaboration with the fully recycled fashion brand of clothings LessLess, 2018
Munich, autumn 2018
Galicia, May–October 2018, created with ULEG Vinnichenko
Column made from ballistic soap, inside which is cast from artist's body in epoxy resin; created with ULEG Vinnichenko
Series of 5 casts in epoxy and different things inside, 2017~2018
Series of Hands of Colors and Carpe Diem were installed in the windows of the main fashion store of Ukrainian design VSI.SVOI (All are Ours); all casts and figures were created together with ULEG, autumn 2017
More sculptures
Series of 7 green casts in epoxy resin,
made with ULEG [Oleh Vinnichenko]
Cast of the artist body in epoxy resin, made during summer 2017 together with ULEG, installed in the private garden, Kyiv
The first ever cast of the artist body in epoxy resin, the first art work created together with ULEG, autumn-winter 2016
Salt bricks from the war area. December 2016
Series of the casts from artist body in fiberglass, plastic and wax, solo exhibition, autumn 2016, Odessa, UA
Casts of artist's hands and feet in ballistic soap, 2014~2019
Casts of artist body covered by textile, made in the beginning of the war during April-May 2014, related to the unauthorized performance during opening of Manifesta'10
27 salt self-made pillars, winter 2013-2014
Over 200 painted plaster casts of artist's body, spring 2013
More sculptures
700 self-made bricks from sugar and milk
Live period June 2012 ~ 9th June 2014
Site specific performative sculpture from broken asphalt in the city-gallery of Kyiv during summer 2012 and later, after the beginning of the war and occupations forces – re-building and re-thinking of this performative sculpture in the space of Saatchi-gallery the city of London during autumn 2014
Object in silicone, cast of artist body, May 2011
Over 200 casts of the artist's vagina
Objects in plaster, casts of the face of artist, autumn 2010
Cast of the face of artist in plaster and own hair, made during the performance in a public space, September 2010]
Kyiv ~ Donetsk, 2010~2014
Performance with the first ever cast of the artist's body, March 2010, basement of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv