Школа Політичного Перформансу

Is a continuation of the collective creative work of the revolution, the movement of free art through performances, actions, happenings, non-violent artistic gestures, hybrid, mutated and transdisciplinary forms of visual art, new experimental forms of sculpture, painting, films, through manifestation and free, non-institutionalized forms of expression of artistic and philosophical thoughts. Due to the birth of new forms of interaction and culture in society it is possible to cut and open up malignant tumors of the society, changing it to the side of humanity and acceptance, giving voice to marginalized groups of the society. Enriching the cultural code, we will be able to open the borders and really accep each other.

The School of Political Performance was founded, established and curated by the Crimean-Ukrainian artist~architect~performer and thinker in exile MARIA KULIKOVSKA with architect-engineer and her lover~partner~husband ULEG [Oleh Vinnichenko] in May 2017.

The first official project of the SPP [ШПП] was the social sculpture and performance "The Migrated Parliament of the Displaced: Raft CrimeA" which appeared on the banks of the Dnipro-river in Kyiv in August 2016 and was stopped by police near the invisible water-borders of EU.
Вибрані проекти
Flowers of Democracy
The Raft CrimeA
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