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[long-term performance with the cast of artist body, 88 times, until the end of artist life]
[performance in collaboration with Benedikte Esperi, during the National Day of Sweden, 6 of June 2017, Malmo]
Social sculpture and performance, started in August 16, 2016 and will exist until the moment when the world will be free from the borders, military conflicts, free from prejudice to "other bodies", until every living body finds its be continued
Action on the mined beach. summer 2016
Action in Saatchi Gallery, 23 November 2015
Collective performance, in collaboration with Mila Dolman, during the Krasnoyarsk Biennale, Siberia, September 2015
Feminist artist movement, series of performances with the casts of female vaginas in the public spaces, founded during summer 2015
Performance, during the parade of 1 May 2015, under Crimean-bridge in Moscow-river
More perfomances
«Péril Jeune» and art centre «Confluences — Lieu D'engagement Artistique», in Paris, 2014
Unauthorized performance, during the opening of Manifesta'10, 1 of July 2014, stairs of the Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Performance 8th of December 2013, Pinchuk Art Center, Kyiv, UA
Stockholm from summer 2013 finished 8th of March 2017
Site-specific long-turm performance in the experimental sounds laboratory of the Institute of the research of building materials and constructions, organized by "In Search of Negotiations" Award of the Foundation for Contemporary Art in Kyiv, spring 2012
Performance with the first ever cast of the artist's body, March 2010, basement of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv