З днем народження, 2015 рік

Акція в галереї Saatchi, 23 листопада 2015 року
Акція була реакцією на знищення скульптури художника у 2014 році окупаційними бойовиками.

Пов'язані роботи
The action was a reaction to the destruction of the artist sculptures in 2014 by occupation militants.

On the Borders of Her Body

is it She
the miracle itself
the mystery the mass the missing the miserable the misogynistic
is it all She is She animal like all language did She
lose Her home Her skin Her face-
less face who touches Her
breathes Her body
She is absent in the movement & present in the
Self-executing happening
in the mirror She draws symbols & symbols on symbols
on the border of Her body
the skin of Her left cheek
Her right cheek
the event searches for
the subject & the subject searches for
the movement & the movement
searches for the body & the body breathes
I open the window & it is snowing
there She is in the lowland
the lowland covered with snow
up to the horizon

Edwin Fagel
Holland writer, ispired by action 'Happy Birthday'
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