What is conflict? Is it the horror of the war and occupation with their depression, frustration, fear, phobias and a lack of understanding of "what and how to go on"

Or is it unprocessed internal conflict left by parents and still cultivated by an unequal patriarchal society; is it control and strengthening of the borders of state and between living bodies; chaos of lies and hypocrisy, irresponsibility of power and endless control of their "subordinates" and increasing along with this control rebellion against this control?

Does the artist necessarily need to live in a conflict zone/territory to talk about conflict, and what is the conflict, lack of voice and otherness? Can an artist, from LA or from a small town on the border with the United States and Mexico or from Crimea or Stockholm, alike, identify themselves as a body of artist of art from a the conflict?

We are a platform for the free speech of those who have no voice, from whom it was taken away, or those who possess it, but it is different voice from the standard populist voices of the "convenient" power for the privileged.

We are a platform, we are the knife that dissects the irresponsibility and absurdity of the consumer society, we are in conflict, we are from the conflict, we are the conflict, we still can feel and through it we humanize society.
No more rules! Any rule does not exist anymore! No more borders and boundaries, no more limits!

Just be with your feelings, feel them, feel yourself! Just be free and do what and how you want! It is Your Art — It is Your Life!