Carpe Diem – Живи Зараз, 2017–2018

Серія складеється з 5 фігур-зліпків, створених в процесі зняття форм з тіла художниці архітектором-інженером та її чоловіком Улегом, і відлитих в епоксидній смолі, всередині яких вмонтовані метафоричні предмети. Всі скульптури є незалежними і окремими об'єктами, але всі вони разом розвопідають про власні травматичні спогади та досвід художниці через символи та різні елементи, які поховані під шкірою скульптур

Відсилки до інших проектів
The expression "Carpe Diem" is interpreted as a call to live with pleasure every day, without delaying a full-fledged life for an uncertain and unknown future. The phrase carpe diem should not be interpreted as being close to another common expression: memento mori (remember death). These two winged expressions define the opposite worldviews: "carpe diem", with his idea of a carefree, life-striking and "memento mori" approach to life, defined by humility and a meek existence.

Through this sculptural series, like all previous, Maria call through her own body to criticize patriarchal constructions. The whole series of 'Carpe Diem' is also her own conceptual, already a long-term experiment in the key of vanitas – treating human life as very infinitely
fragile, ephemeral, dying at any moment. In the vanitas tradition, symbolic elements were flowers, especially roses, which are the sign of the fall, carnal love, lust and sex. However in this series Maria places all these objects, both living roses and dried bones into the cast of her own body. Earlier, she used soap for drips, but now, in the new 'Carpe Diem' series, she experiments with epoxy, thereby fixing the moment of its own still youth and beauty. She does not only observe the changes in the material from which her clones are cast, but she puts inside them alive, fragile objects that, which interacting with the resin, become burned and decomposed alive from the inside.

Of course, this is a discussion about corporeality, about accepting oneself, about norms and morality in the society. As soon as these clones gets into public space, presenting an exact copy of her body, then her physical/real body immediately becomes a subject, gaining independence and freedom, at the same time it is an object, which all the time measure, discuss and compare as a commodity.

That is why, maybe, she calls on all human~women~man living freely and making their lives extraordinary, making their own decisions, remembering that life fleeting and fragile...

During 2018 different perfromative sculptures from the series 'Carpe Diem' were exhibited in different exhibitions and events as: PERMANENT REVOLUTION an exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art, opens in Ludwig Museum in Budapest;
Ukraine in Fashion – an exhibition of 5th years of Vogue UA magazine.
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