Бюст-зліпок, створений в процесі зняття форм з тіла художниці архітектором-інженером та її чоловіком, і відлитий у силіконі, в тіло якого вмонтоване волосся та ланцюги / Київ / UA

During the summer-autumn of 2018, 3 figures-casts from the artist's body were located in the park of the largest center of art and culture in Galicia — Cidade da Cultura. Maria was invited by Spanish-British curator of contemporary art – Antia Cea, who decided to take a chance: she did great research in search of a new name in the art and after she saw on the internet works and concepts by Maria, Antia proposed to Cidade da Cultura to bring Ukrainian artist first time ever to Galicia. This, how Maria received a unique invitation and the opportunity to show her works in the public space of the main center of art and culture of Galicia. She became a first artist, a woman-artist, who installed her artworks in the park of Cidade da Culture. Over the development of 3 soap sculptures from ballistic soap, blood, sperm, and juice of herbs and plants, Maria worked with her husband, colleague, and architect Oleg Vinnichenko, all the work on curating the project was on Antia Cea. They presented Soap Figures in the show ReB/Veladas na paisaxe 2018 .

3 Soap Figures were constantly exposed to the heavy rainfall of Santiago de Compostella, extreme wind and sudden changes in weather from across the Atlantic Ocean around the shores of Galicia. After half a year of the exhibition (May-October 2018), the 3 Soap Figures were quite destroyed and deformed.

Maria Kulikovska's proposal for the Cidade da Cultura brings the idea of exile as a transit, based on her personal experience, as she had to escape to Sweden in 2014 after a terrorist group occupied an art center where she exhibited in Donetsk and threatens the artists who exhibited there their work there. And she was registered as a displaced person from Crimea in her own home country – Ukraine, because she was born, raised and registered in Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the town of Kerch. In these pieces, the 'displaced', her casts, looks at the past and looks for a future, collecting thoughts between the two points, and resisting giving up.

«ased on this conceptual premise, the artist presents a triptych: three "Soap Performative Sculptures" made with natural pigments such as herbal, seed and blood herbs, materials that transform, adapt to the circumstances, degrade. The figures seek to emulate a small hidden guerrilla between nature, as passive resistance, visible from the walking path. Do not attack, do not go to meet. They only fight against gravity to stand still, reflecting their position against the conflict in Ukraine, slowly deteriorating to remind the unpredictability of life.

Curator: Antía Cea (Vigo, 1987)
Location: Bosque de Galicia
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