Квіти демократії: Акція 1-го травня, Частина 3

Трета сайт-специфічна дія — поширення скульптурних об'єктів «Pysanky» групою «Квіти демократії» разом з «ArtReperesent» навколо міста Лондон / UK

Kulikovska launched this 'art action' in the summer of 2015 in Ukraine, as a way of highlighting the plight of women in the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

However, the concept behind FoD goes beyond the Ukrainian border and relates to the oppression of women everywhere. Women are still underrepresented in many different aspects of public life, including (inter)national politics, the media, the army, executive positions within corporations, and in the arts. Since its inception, Flowers of Democracy has grown into a organisation of female activists who are teaching women in Ukraine and beyond to take ownership and control over their own bodies.

Plaster casts of vaginas, or 'Pussies' as Kulikovska calls them, are placed in and around public places, like flowers in a flowerpot. As part of the 9th of May exhibition, Art Represent will help Kulikovska produce pink pussies created by activists, artists, and volunteers and place them in various secret locations around London on 1st of May, 2016.

Source: Art Represent — FoD
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