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War and Pea€e 2016

Action on the mined beach. The military border of occupied Donetsk area in a free city Mariupol, UA

People continue using mined beach on the border with occupied area for their fun and relax. Photos from the archive of the art center 'ТЮ'
18 of June was very hot, summer angry sun burn everything…

People, tired of heavy work on the factory and came to the beach near Azov sea. In Mariupol all heavy industrial factories through there canalization, poison to the Azov sea, around town all the time strong smog. On other side of the sea my home, occupied Crimea. On the east, in 20 km, war, continue bombing every day. But people tired of war and hot temperature just relax on the beach… beach what full of mines, and around every where soldiers, people with guns… this continue already 2 years, so people don't see it, they tired, they are tolerance to the death, to the weapon to the violence to the war…

I also came to the beach, I scream there, i looked to the sea, what is border between my home and war. I looked to the east, and from skyline i heared bombs, i was scare, but my voice was so quiet compare to the laugh and screams of children, who swum around me and played with each other on the bombed land…

Photos – Sergey Vaganov
With support of Art Center "TUY" and Diana Berg
Olga Lebedeva took part in the performance
* * *

"One day we will Wake Up. We will be in an amazing, fantastic world of beauty, freedom, anarchy – love for every speck of dust of the Universe.
Cruelty, lies, fears, eating each other, poverty, boundaries, power, hierarchy, inequality, prejudice, wars, slavery will be unknown horror tales and legends from the past. Perhaps the body will also disappear and with it the need for its maintenance, and, as a result, the overrun of resources. Knowledge of all the languages of the world will be something very ordinary. The telepathic exchange of thoughts and ideas will replace all computers, phones, chips, bank accounts..., which means – ending of the endless control over every life, ending the endless mining of minerals and the thirst for possessing large resources, all this will be meaningless any more. We will cease to be alone in our planet, galaxy, space, universe. If we still decide to keep our beautiful, because different, bodies, then everyone will have the opportunity to choose and change any time their own color of skin, shape and content. We will care about our planet – probably, we will decide to leave it for it...
Please, Do Not Sleep any more."

Written in exile in May 2019, Stockholm, Sweden – 3035 km away from mined beach. 3 years after the action.
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