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Video PErformance

To be or not to be 2013

Performance during the Maidan Revolution / 8 Dec of 2013 / Pinchuk Art Center / Kyiv, UA

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"To Be or not To Be" is a video documentation of the performance with a destruction of the sculptural installation "Soma – Body without Gender" in PinchukArtCenter. The work is related to other projects including "Sweet/SS [Swiss] Life" (2012) in Switzerland and the subsequent installation "Salt of the Earth / Soma. Replica" (2016) at the Mystetskyi Arsenal.

When the "Revolution of Dignity" began at the end of 2013, Maria conducted a performance in which she destroyed salt columns made by herself. According to the artist, she shattered these vertical bases of society structure in order to support those who fought for the horizontal transformation of the world.

As Maria Kulikovska comments, "The sculptural installation refers not only to architecture destroyed in times of a long conflict, it is an attempt to rethink and ask questions about the imperfect structure of society based on hierarchy, inequality, and division. It is a try to understand and accept that there are no others. We are all equally fragile and ephemeral. We can be destroyed at any moment or be petrified for centuries as the pillars of salt. Everyone is a unit of society that is important and irreplaceable. In the conditions of global and internal upheavals we are all equal".
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