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Body as Mannequin in the Couture Collection 'STOZHARY' 2019

Six new soap busts created especially for the Ruslan Baginskiy debut collection of couture hats on 'Paris Couture Fashion Week 2019' and one a full-length epoxy figure from the series of 'Carpe Diem 2017'

The presentation of a new collection of hats and accessories from Ruslan Baginskiy with sculptures of Maria Kulikovskaya, created from ballistic soap and flowers — at the moment this is the 3rd work at the intersection of art and fashion of Maria, more precisely, this is work inside the fashion industry, where Maria continue to be conceptual multimedia artist.

How it all happened: Ruslan and his team began to develop a new collection of hats and accessories for the Paris Fashion Week. And they invited Maria. Therefore, she, together with the architect-engineer and her husband ULEG Vinnichenko, developed and created 6 sculptural busts. Maria, together with ULEG, also provided a full-size epoxy resin sculpture with bones and flowers, which they decided to take from the sculptural series "Carpe Diem" (2017–2018). This sculpture was previously shown at the exhibition "Permanent Revolution - Ukrainian Art Today" at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, organized by the Zenko Foundation. All sculptures were used as manekens during the presentation of the collection.

Material of the 6 new busts is the same ballistic soap, which often used in the sculptures of Maria, and they are also casts from her own body. But this time, Maria and ULEG took a big risk - they never added any other objects to the soap before, and this time they worked completely blindly. Even after many experiments with flowers and hot melted soap base, nobody knew until the date of the presentation, what will be the final result.
Ruslan Baginskiy himself trusted the artist completely and saw all the finished busts already in the process of installation in Paris. As a result, the whole exhibition becomes a synergy of works by the artist and designer.
If we talk about what these sculptures are about, they, as always, are my own reflections on freedom, the position of a woman in society, hidden injuries received during life, and the foundations to which this society tries. My art is my own psychotherapy in which the audience joins and reflects together with me.

Now I have more and more desire to create my own fashion collection of simple, comfortable and exquisite clothes with a concept message, encoded in folds and sprints on fabrics. Thank for this experience and belief in myself to Ruslan Baginskiy and his team. I think that now it is worthwhile to find a cool tailor and invite her/him to cooperate, and then we will arrange the presentation of my first ever fashion collection in the Zoological Museum of Ukraine.
— Maria Kulikovska
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