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Pysanky 2010

Sculptural installation from 200 objects, casts of the artist's vagina. Summer 2010 / Kyiv, UA

Flowers of Democracy FoD Vagina Cast Molding Sculptural Object Sculpture
Flowers of Democracy FoD Vagina Cast Molding Sculptural Object Sculpture
Pysanka — is probably Maria's most controversial piece. Pysankas are what Ukrainians call eggs painted for Easter, which are usually decorated by women. An installation in the form of gates decorated with multiple vaginas made of pink cast at first sight looks like the shining ornate "gates to heaven". The image of the taboo female organ is discernible only upon close inspection. The artist plays on the archaic rituals that symbolize birth, death, love, taboos, where the gates (the vagina) are a way into an "another dimension", a sensually and symbolically different world.

Sculpture projects of Maria Kulikovska stand on the edge between technological and natural, random and structured. With them the artist explores her own biopsychology with its materialization. Those explorations are often radical, but their radicalism is insulated from society and enveloped into individual self-perception, expanding the edges of human experience in a way only art can.

Maria kulikovska is 25 years old [text written during winter 2011-2012]. Her body of work is inviting a discussion about an artist whose mind and hand work with complexity, dramatically and vitality. She tackles the huge topics of human's relationship with life and death and inseparability of time bravely and insightfully. Her world is dramatic, changeable and unpredictable. By pushing her limits and exploring new paths she gives her audience a joy of discovery, new experiences and a possibility of a new outlook on life and themselves.

Galina Skliarenko (curator, art-critic, winter 2012)
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