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Memento Mori: The Production Process

Photo documentation of the creating process green epoxy resin figures by Maria Kulikovska with Uleg Vinnichenko / Winter–Spring of 2017 / Kyiv, UA

This is a complex four-step process. First, a plaster cast is created from my body. Then the plaster fragments are removed and collected in a single form, in the middle of which the plaster is poured. Then the top layer is broken and a plaster sculpture is obtained, from which silicone is removed in the next step. It does not hold its shape by itself, so a layer is fixed on the floor that will fix it. Previously, I only made molds from plaster, but only two or three castings were enough. And silicone can withstand a lot more castings made of different materials. To create one form goes a barrel of silicone (70–80 kg). There is a lot of waste in the process, sometimes it is necessary to recycle everything.

I'm doing everything with my husband, Uleg Vinnichenko. He has a lot of experience, he knows all the technical details, although he does not positioning himself as an artist. The two of us are constructively discussing everything, but the material itself gives about 30% of the conceptual solution. Before molding, I carefully depilate practically the entire body, and shake my head with cellophane. I breathe through the tubes inserted into my nose. This is difficult because it has to stand for one and a half or two hours. The plaster is very cold at first and then heated to 60 degrees. Burns and swelling sometimes appear on the body. Therefore, first the whole body is made, and only at the end is the mask separately. "Me" is collected from pieces, this is jewelry work.
Maria Kulikovska
(An excerpt from an article by Svetlana Bogdanets)
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