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Memento Mori, 2017

Series of 7 green casts in epoxy resin. The figures is a part of the nature, alive and strong houses for the insects and animals of the forest.

I want to be alive, everywhere, forever, everything

In the project 'Memento Mori' the artist uses the forms of her own body. Studying herself as something "alien" – allows us to have an external side and reflect the confusion, the surprise and the conflict of self-perception associated with the loss and search of identity. That is exactly what every person feels at a certain time. The works are not repetitive. Accordingly, each subsequent sculpture can have a visual similarity, but they are all unique.
This project refers to the artist's earlier projects, such as 'Icon', 'Army of Clones', 'Army of Clones 2', 'Homo Bulla' and 'Memento Mori', when she takes casts from her body, immersing herself in a dangerous way for life and body, creating sculptures, in performance, which is not only an experiment in its artistic way, but each time a risk and riddle, what will be the result of the whole project, each individual sculpture remains a question until the last moment.
Each project is born as a result of hard work, and after – becomes a continuous performance of changes, life and death of the very casts, thanks to the material that the artist chooses to create her works.

'Anthropological conceptualism' is one of the most notable trends in contemporary art. In the era of genetic engineering and cloning, the foundations of human existence, like the phenomenon of Life itself, are becoming more and more problematic. The human body loses integrity and sovereignty, being in the center of new technological parameters, becomes an object of manipulation, but at the same time, it is more and more recognized by almost the last refuge of humanity - the ability to suffer, to feel pain. After all, a person does not just "have a body", as a certain object that can be possessed and which one can get rid of, but is also this body, denoting its external and internal essence.

The inner drama of life perception peculiar to the artist acquires tragic sound in her new series of 5 epoxy sculptures-casts of her body 'Carpe Diem'. It is worth remembering the famous words of Paul Valerio about the progress that "behaves with us as a forensic physician", penetrating into every hole of the body under study. It not only does not let go of a person but passes through the human, causing injuries - visual, social, affective, intellectual, sexual. Each invention brings with it a mass of new destruction...
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