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Lustration / Ablution #02: Art Edition of Vogue UA 2018

Second part of the long-term performance with the cast of artist body, 88 times, until the end of artist life. For 'Art Edition of Vogue UA' / Kyiv, UA

Performance ... / May 2018
for Art Edition of Vogue UA / Kyiv, UA
Photo/Video: Alive Gontar Style: Venya Brykalin Assistant of stylist: Vika Filipova Makeup: Katya Kharlanova Hairstyle: Pavel Lotnik Jewelry: Helena Prosvirnova Artis/Performer: Maria Kulikovska
"Lustration / Ablution" is a long-term performance conducted three times so far, but planned to be made 88 times by the end of the artist's life. The first one was held on March 8, 2018 at the National Art and Culture Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal". A month later, the artist made the reenactment for Vogue UA and repeated it at Ebenbockhouse in Munich, Germany as part of a residency by the art center Pasinger Fabrik and the art collection Deutsche Telekom.

As the artist comments on the action, "Lustration is a cleansing, washing through a sacrifice. Within 3 hours I wash exact copies of my body, my clones, figures, molds of soap. The action can take place in any space, location, context... In my own hand, I wash, scrape, tear off the soap skin from "myself", wiping myself, washing, shaking my whole body about my own "body", I watch the lustration of my image and the image of a woman in a patriarchal context. Washing, erasing my own hands is all a reference to female invisible labor, which is presented by society as something beautiful, normal, and natural, woven into the very skin of every woman, but which also dissolves it imperceptibly".

At the same time, research of the conflict stretches through the artist's continuous practice in the context of personal traumas. Soap is both the basis for creating the sculpture-cast and a material for testing weapons in militaristic factories, because its density corresponds to the density of the human body. The desire to cleanse oneself of pain, political conflict, discrimination, complexity, and chaos was transformed into art therapy and lustration of the body cast.

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