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Body as Mannequin: in LessLess Campaign, 2018

Clones of the artist's figure for the first campaign of the new everywear, fully recycled fashion brand of clothings.

All photos and Rights reserved by LessLess
One of the most interesting and exciting experiences of collaboration, manifestations of real sisterhood and the sharing of common values in life, transformed into this first campaign between the young fashion studio ' LessLess', who is creating everywear clothes for every day, and artist's studio of 'Masha WITH Uleg'.

The brand ' LessLess', like Maria Kulikovska Studio, share the idea of complete processing of materials, understanding and being aware of the harm and the extent of pollution that the fashion and beauty industry, the mass market and packaging bringing every moment.

I want a beautiful dress,
I want a beautiful skin,
I want more and more beauty,
Less and less fake!
I want a different color of my body,
But it does not change.
It's still scary to be different, free,
Without a dress code, but I want.
Will I risk losing my job, respect, position,
Economic stability if I choose less and less?
Is it really ugly to wear a simple,
Comfortable robe?
I want freedom, I want to choose
That is convenient for me,
Because it is so beautiful
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