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Folds of Time / Folds of Memory 2016

Series of the casts from artist body in fiberglass, plastic and wax, solo exhibition, autumn 2016, Odessa, UA

Folds of [my] Armor

"Me" as "I": I relate all the time to an "Other" as someone else; and in these relations I focus my self-understanding through the 'skin' – both physical and metaphorical – of my surroundings by means of embodiment. We are wholly affected by sharing this membrane which is landscape of architecture: the body of the space, the public space, where we live, where we build a life and society, where we can ask "Who are you?"… "Who am I?"

Power in the modern era strives to concentrate around the living human body. It is manifested not only in political discourse and calls by the representatives of capital and power institutions; it is embedded in the body of our life among everyday environments and structures, and it dictates the rules at every turn. The most important tool in directing control is architecture, its structure and inherent tendency to subordinate, to manipulate, to introduce and build just and only what is "necessary" for the system.

However, we have a release method. It is in art, performative and very physical: In an animal, sculptural art, radical and inborn. Yet it is all – too soon assimilated to the institutional system of architecture, and then works within it. I see in a combination of representation with criticism, and of architecture with contemporary art a possibility to analyse and even to build a new, more humanistic body for the structures and systems of our society.

For, architecture is not just the city streets, houses, areas, apartments, parks and landscapes, schools, hotels, hospitals, prisons, town halls, museums, galleries, etc. It is primarily a skin of our personal and social life and relationships. It is this transit [exchange] between soul and body, between the internal, which we may call true or essential, and the external, which is contingent and public.

How to find a freedom that doesn't lose this 'skin'? What if art could thus be a performative method that would remain free and would protect our systems of public space and architecture from power? [from dictatorial and monopolist power]

My study of the body of art and architecture through corporeality and the skin or membrane of public space [landscape], and treat artistic expression as something animal in the 'soul', and which, without religious or esoteric bounds, is able to liberate us and to answer boundless questions: "Who are we?"… "Where are we?"

Written during autumn 2016 in the between of borders of Malmo~Stockholm~Kyiv~London~Odessa
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