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Group Exhibition

Pysanky in Collective Dreams, 2011

Сensorship of the sculptural installation "Pysanky" from 200 objects, casts of the artist's vagina on group exhibition in "Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts" / Kyiv, UA

Sculptural Installation 'Pysanky' participated in the group exhibition "Collective Dreams" at the Institute of Problems of Modern Art, during summer of 2010 in Kyiv. The day after the opening of this project I found the article "Deputy The Minister of Culture opens the exhibition from the vagina" in the internet as top-news. But I was blocked by the Facebook within a few hours after this article pop-up. Later i discovered, that more than 20 thousand people had already read this article, but within few hours it was completely removed from all the resources of the internet. I did not even have time to copy it, just repost it to my facebook, which was immediately blocked, that account I never recovered. The installation itself in the form of an arch made of plaster vagin was perceived negatively enough, and then I was asked to remove it. After dismantling by assistant of this art center, I found many of the works were beaten.
During the exhibition, room where the project was located was always closed and remained with the lights off. As I understand it, because of the fear of curators of censorship throughout the exhibition.
Later this project became a platform for the future feminist movement "Flowers of Democracy", what was founded by me and my sisters in the summer of 2015.
The name "Flowers of Democracy" has a reference to Joseph Beuys and his "Rose of Direct Democracy", as well as fraught with sarcasm and criticism of the situation in the summer of 2010, when the arch of plaster casts was severely criticized, ignored and not perceived as art and me as an artist. Also, according to eyewitnesses, who were in a room with an arch of vaginas, deputy. The Minister of Culture of Ukraine entered a separate room, where the curators placed my installation, by mistake, as he was looking for a toilet, and the room was right next to the toilet in a corridor separate from the main exhibition space. He did not immediately recognize casts of vaginas as the form of a female sexual organ, but from afar took them as to "Flowers", happily exclaiming: "Finally Flowers!!!" [Нарешті Квіточки].
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