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Body and Borders

This section presents exhibitions, both group and personal, as well as various events and lectures organized and implemented by the studio of the artist Maria Kulikovska together with architect-engineer Uleg Vinnichenko.
The exhibition in the gallery "Reality" [translated from Swedish], became not just a form of collective therapy and an attempt to face the revolution, war, occupation and their consequences, but also an attempt to establish own-self as a "female body from a third world country" in Western life / 2015
Half a year after the wedding at the end of August, Jacqueline came to see how Maria lives in Ukraine, these days there was one of the worst bombing raids, because of which a huge number of people lost their homes and property, as well as many of their relatives and friends. Maria and Jacqueline went to the border zone to help people running from the conflict zone / 24 of August 2014 / Kharkiv, UA
Sculptural installation as Kulikovska-Shabo Group in the group show at the "Bild Museet" / Umeå / SWE
Long term performance, happening, life-experiment, an act of solidarity, artists statement and a manifesto of sisterhood/love by Kulikovska-Shabo Group, since 11th of January 2014 Kyiv-Malmö / UA-SWE